Algerian University honors Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al-Omari


The Algerian University of Science and Technology, Houari Boumediene, honored Professor Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Omari, the supervisor of the Seismic Studies Center at King Saud University, President of the Saudi Society for Geosciences, for his distinguished contributions in scientific research and his active role in forming an integrated scientific system that resulted in the issuance of a distinguished international journal in geological sciences It is the only one in the Arab world that has a spread coefficient effect.

The Arab Journal of Geosciences is concerned with highlighting the fields of geology by publishing scientific papers specialized in that science at the regional and global levels.

It is noteworthy that Professor Al-Omari has many books that have influenced scientific libraries such as: Earthquakes, Seismicity and Kinematics of the Arabian Peninsula, Earthquake Risks and Ways to Confront them, Harbor Waves (Tsunamis), Earth Gravity and its Applications, Volcanoes and Means of Mitigating Their Risks, Seismic Bands in the Arabian Peninsula, The Base Seismic data for the Arabian Peninsula, foundations for research into fatal disasters and natural disasters.